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Welcome to Sara Jane Chocolates, an artisan chocolatier based in Epsom, Surrey

At Sara Jane Chocolates we delight in providing the following:


Why choose Sara Jane Chocolates?

We believe strongly that chocolates should be made using only excellent quality ingredients and the finest belgian chocolate.   All of our chocolates are individually handmade with care, passion and attention to detail, and only the very best chocolates make it into our gift boxes.

We apply the same demanding levels of customer service and extreme satisfaction to our chocolate making events.  We pride ourselves on hosting fabulously fun Chocolate Making Workshops and themed parties.  During these events relaxation mixes with creativity and good old fashioned fun, whilst enabling you to make wonderful handmade chocolates that you can gift wrap and take home to indulge yourself, or give as a gift that is certain to impress!

Customer Care and satisfaction are vital to Sara Jane Chocolates and we strive to provide the best service you can find.  We would be delighted to make your handmade chocolate wedding favours and chocolate gifts as well as host a great chocolate making party/team building event.  To discuss your requirements call 07794 584 608 or email Indulge@sarajanechocolates.co.uk